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What does "not quite vintage" mean? Well, it definately doesn't refer to my age. At 30+ I hope I am far from vintage. What it does refer to is a business I would like to start someday - a corner shop that sells vintage inspired goods. I am drawn to 40s and 50s kitchenware, linens and pottery. Plus, I love the crafts my grandmother used to do: embroidery, beaded ornaments, chrochet etc. To somehow mix these loves into a business would be a dream come true.

My blog philosphy: To use this site as a place to chat about the crazy things that happen to me, my pursuits of a well decorated home, my quest for fitness and my crafty trials. Pretty much a place to ramble and share my thought with friends. Plus, its a bit of a creative outlet.

Location: The midwest town with the big arch

Sign: Cancer

College: Loyola University Chicago

Graduate School: Webster University

Biggest Accomplishment: Buying my house

Sports I Play: Tennis (3.5), Volleyball, Softball and Kickball

Did I say kickball? Yes, kickball, the playgound sport witht he big red ball. Check out for information.

Family Placement: Baby

Siblings: 4 sisters and 2 brothers

Nieces/Nephews: 4 of each

Favorite Place To Visit: Well, there are two: Chicago and Colorado

Favorite TV Shows: Lost, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy... the list could go on and on. I will leave out reality tv.

Goals: That is a good question. I am working on that right now - what is really important to me and where do I want to be next year, in five years etc. I am currently working on my personal inspiration board, so I can have a visual representation of who I am and who I want to be. Big project... I'll keep you posted.