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March 16, 2007



Wow! That's gorgeous! I love the colors.


That bag is gorgeous! I love the colors!


I am just amazed at the quality craftsmanship of this bag. You are an amazing seamstress and she is one lucky friend!


Oh, wow, that bag is STUNNING. Dawn is one lucky bride! I came here for luggage tags and I'm delighted to have found your blog! I have had the Weekender Travel Bag pattern for ages and have been too scared to try it - but I'm so inspired. Thank you!


Really Colleen! Your work is just so great. And thank you for taking the time to blog your notes. These are so helpful!


Oh it's just gorgeous! I've had this pattern sitting in my pile of 'to do' for a while. I even got fabric (the stuff on my blog header) to do it, but alas, I'm too scared of piping.


WOW! What a lovely gift to receive!
You are very talented, that fabric is gorgeous.


Super Nice...It is soooooo pretty!Great work! I think I am gushing over it...


Wow! That bag is just beautiful. I know what you mean about being scared of a pattern. That bag looks pretty complicated.


It's gorgeous. I don't think I have the patience to make one so I'll just admire your photos instead.


What a beautiful bag. It's really fashionable, the colours and print and all, as well as being individual.

Deanna (domestic chicky)

What a beautiful bag! It looks like you have been making them for years!


Oh my goodness, it's beautiful beyond words. You are much less selfish than me, if I ever make one of those it'll be for ME! (I'm afraid of that pattern too)

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