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March 23, 2007



Gee, I read your blog and I am amazed at what you can accomplish. I hope that your days ahead feel lighter and you feel some joy. I find that looking up, literally, at the sky and the clouds, hopefully it's sunny, begins to give me some perspective. Then I can notice other things. But please, you, and only you, can fill your life with the things that bring you joy.


Your thoughtful post really spoke to me, so I would like to speak back, if you don't mind...(I enjoy your blog, BTW!)

Gifted people often feel these "blahs" during their lives. It appears to be part of the way their brains are wired. (This is a brain-research-based way to look at it, if that floats your boat.) You seem to notice a connection between the coming of Spring and your "blahs;" you may be in a winter season in your life in which the growth and blossoming you crave is preparing itself below the surface. (This is kind of a symbolic/naturist point of view, if that does it for you.) Alternately, what is "moving forward?" What is "good enough?" YOU are complete, and good enough, *right now* and indeed, in every moment. (This is a kind of a girlfriend-smell-the-coffee point of view, if that's your flavor.)

I also really liked Emily and Kelli's thoughts. I think it will be really fascinating to see where this examination takes you. (And thanks for letting me ramble along.)


I believe our lives and emotions are like roller coasters...up and down and up and down. You might be on a "down", but know that an "up" is right in front of you.

I also try to think of this quote, when not thrilled with my job situation..."We work to live and not live to work."


When you wrote this: "But, I am feeling not good enough again. Crazy. Why isn’t who I am good enough? I know we are all different for a reason and my combination of traits and skills make me unique... And this should be good enough, right?"
It was as if you were in my head. And the fact this is coming on during a new season? Makes perfect sense to me. I'm not trying to downplay what you are feeling, or even offer a solution. Just this -- I think we all feel this way at some point. We all want a bit of spice when our daily routine has fallen flat.

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