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April 18, 2007



I love, love biking or just walking. Biking is quick and I feel like I have DONE more and covered more ground. I dont get as bored with it. But when I walk, even quickly, I feel like I get more relaxed the more I continue to walk. Smelling the smells, seeing the sites. Anyway, just pick something and try it out. If it doesnt do it for you pick something else. The whole idea is just to keep moving right?


So, I was never a runner either. And, still I don't consider myself A Runner. However, I did just finish my first 10k and my exercise routine was all the better for the training. I, too, don't do well trying to deal with a team sport schedule, so my choices are usually; the gym, the pool or the road. Having a training schedule with a race at the end was excellent motivation and, I'll say it, kinda made it fun. In a self-satisfying kind way.


me too! Love the lists. And the ways you are using those martha towels.

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