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June 13, 2007



Yeah, New York accomidations stink unless you are a kajillionaire. And, the cab rides are for the fearless or the desperate if it is raining! I did find Las Vegas cab drivers to be equally scary tho. Too bad you didn't have more time to explore.


I recently returned from NYC, I had hired a driver and car since we were getting in so late. What an amazing ride, he careened thru the streets of midtown at midnight, my son and I were hanging onto the handles in the back. Glad you enjoyed yr stay, we went on a 3 hour walking and eating tour thru the Village, I totally recommend that if you ever get back there.


can't say you won't have memories from that trip!! such a different culture in new york! my dear husband has your car sick problem. i feel your pain!


Did you at least make it to Purl? Or the Magnolia Bakery? I agree - NYC for vacay without the boss would be TONS of fun. I'm glad your cabbie didn't hurt anyone.

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