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August 28, 2007



In a book that I've recently read, it compared balancing issues to balancing a hoola hoop. The hoola hoop represents the drama, or different things going on in the day. To keep all of your hoops going you must focus on the center. For me exercise, crafting, and especially focusing on God keeps that center perspective where it needs to be.


How do I stay balanced? A constant struggle made easier by an incredible husband, a fabulous counselor, crafting to round out the rough edges, and walking to work. The last one hasn't been done much this summer and I miss it!. Silence also helps me find balance; working all day with people talking, machines beeping, intercoms squaking, makes silence golden. I'm not great at individual meditation, too much monkey brain, but I do have a mantra that I repeat when the drama gets overwhelming..."let it go" and it seems to really bring me back and helps center my focus. If you have time, could you send me a copy of the Deepak Chopra article?

Sarah Jayne

I run (well jog) as well. I find it gives you time to calm down and get things in focus.
Although I don't meditate as such I do listen to relaxation CDs - I find it's helped to clear my head from all the thoughts that keep rushing around it. I also find it now helps me to focus on what I'm doing rather than thinking about all the other things I think I ought to be doing. I think the call this 'flow' - where you're doing what you want to (craft) and there's nothing else going on in your head.
Hmm - now the drama. Well I have some family members who like a drama and like to drag me into it. Now I realise this, I'm able to stand back and not get involved. This doesn't mean I don't care or that I always find it easy - but some people make a drama out of every event and joining in doesn't really help me or them.
I found this shift in thinking has really helped me to be much calmer and able to focus.
Give the relaxation CDs a go - you need to try them for a while but it can make a real difference.


Exercise does it for me, especially running. I've talked myself through many problems on a run. Gardening or cooking also help me to relax.


i agree with you on the crafting bit. when i sit in my studio/craftroom I feel calm and happy.


I also agree that crafting is very calming, and it helps me focus. As a beginner, I have a lot to learn which keeps me motivated, and can't wait to get home to work on the latest project. It's a great way to end my day.

I also think that a great, intense AM workout helps me get through the day. I'm not a good runner by any means but getting up at 6 am, throwing on my running shoes and ipod and just focusing on my breathing and pace for 30 minutes give me a great boost, and it improves my over-all spirit to start a new day! Maybe cheesy but works for me.


I agree with Melissa about crafting as a form of meditation. Being very guilty of having an overactive imagination and busy monkey mind, I cannot meditate on my own but I do use guided meditation CDs I've transferred to my iPOD. I also take Tai Chi classes which helps enormously--both physically and mentally. Because I easly get overwhelmed by cramming too much into my day and need to find my balance again, these techniques help me. In terms of sleeping where I tend to try to find balance in the quiet of the night which is self-defeating as then I don't sleep, So, I use a Buddhist breathing technique wherein I count each breath (in and out are counted separately) up to 10 and then start over with 1 again until I can relax, quiet my mind, and finally fall asleep. I hope all this helps.


I think crafting is a great way to meditate. Calming your mind is the goal in meditation. I meditate while I garden and when I craft or sometimes I lay out on my deck, close my eyes and concentrate on the sounds of nature around me. Its very relaxing and soothes some of my worries and fears away. I even have a pep talk meditation for when I am having a crazy, stressful day. I go off somewhere alone, close my eyes, breath and concentrate on the bigger picture. When I am able to calm myself and put things into perspective I always feel much better.

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