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September 18, 2007


jen b

Glad you liked everything i sent. :)


Both the one you sent and the one received are fabulous! I have had so much fun with this swap and now I'm enjoying looking at all the finished packages. Lovely and I'm glad you got something this time!


What a great package you received. I admired the bird stamp kit in several stores this summer. Enjoy your sharpies!

pen & purl

Oooh, you got kinoko! The little chocolate mushrooms. They're so tasty - used to eat them in Japan. Love the bag too. What a brilliant swap partner!

Mel Goodsell

This looks like a fabulous swap! I love both packages, there are some seriously gorgeous goodies in there.


Aiii! What a great package. Are you sure it wasn't for me? No? Damn.

You lucky Sharpie wielder you!


Looks like a wonderful swap - both what you got and what you gave.

Junie Moon

What a truly thoughtful and lovely swap package. It's a wonderful way to celebrate back to school. I'm sorry to hear that one swap didn't work so well but am thrilled for you that this one is so rewarding.

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