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September 04, 2007



I appreciate the book review and your sharing what you've been reading. As a book lover, I'm always interested in knowing how others perceive the books they read.

Change is always good if you grow as a result. If your instinct tells you to pay attention, then I agree that's what you ought to do. The whole change or "adjustment" process fascinates me and I hope that I will always be open to the opportunities afforded me through life's changes.


I love reading other people's book recommendations. Thank you for this blog entry. Books that I've recently read and loved: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Interpreter of Maladies (SO good. Has become one of my favorites), The History of Love by N. Krauss (also excellent).


I loved Eat Pray Love, and I'm looking forward to reading the 2 recommendations in the comment section. As for me, I'm re-reading The Historian, good fall book, and completly into Denyse Schmidt Quilts, which I checked out from the library and will need to buy!


I don't think I've ever recommended a book before I was finished with it, but you must read Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld. It sort of goes along with the whole finding/redefining yourself that you spoke of. Never before have I related to a book as much as this one.


I forgot to leave a recommendation: Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant. It's an anthology about solo cooking with chapters by Laurie Colwin, Jonathan Ames, Haruki Murakami and lots of others. I haven't finished it yet, but it's a good read. I especially like that it's easily read out of order and also contains some recipes.


Thanks for the good recommendations! I hadn't seen Doodle Stitching yet and am trying to learn embroidery so this looks like a good start.

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