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October 02, 2007


Amy Artisan

Welcome to the allure of knitting dishcloths - I learned to knit 10 years ago so I could make the Grandma's Favorite for myself (even had Grandma teach me). Go ahead & dunk them in the soapy water - it's magic when they start scrubbing the dishes & washing the counter. :)

Also, seeing your later post - good for you for trying out other dishcloth patterns, I always have good intentions but find that I keep coming back to the Grandma's Favorite.


I love that yarn - we don't get it here and it's perfect for the dishcloths. You must give them a go they work beautifully. Maybe use them in the bath instead!

Penguin & Fish

My grandma taught me how to make those same dishcloths when I was little. I remember making a ton of them once when I was staying at her house. I would go outside and throw the ball of yarn as far as I could but holding onto the end, then I would knit back to where the ball landed.

Junie Moon

I love making dishcloths, too. A black bat one has now appeared on my kitchen sink for Halloween season. Just like you, I'm pretty much a new knitter but am enjoying the way it makes me feel relaxed and find my quiet center.


See, It's not just me. I have 2 gorgeous ones, knitted by chums and have yet to use them. It seems such a waste!!


I have quite a stash of cotton "dishcloth" yarn myself. I never get tired of making them and using different color combos.
Gotta use too, though! (then you'll need to make more)

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