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October 16, 2007



seriously, we have the SAME bookshelf...Craig is almost finished with Kitchen Confidential and I'm next in line! Now, tell me what you did to the lids of your jars, I'm forever recycling perfect jars, but the have some other product on the top....


I can say first hand that granola is out of this world and rather addictive. LOVE it! Thanks again!


Sounds lovely and delicious! Isn't fall a great time to get in the kitchen? I've been meaning to granola myself. It's just a matter of getting the ingredients.


Thanks for sharing the baked ziti recipe -- it looks great! I love ziti but haven't really ever made it -- I'm printing out this recipe! Do you think it would work as well without the spinach -- not sure my family would go for spinach in their ziti.

julie (jane's apron)

printing the baked ziti recipe out right now to take to the grocery store...thanks!


Homemade granola sounds yummy right now! Your a sport for making something for Boss' day. After all, isn't every day boss's day? :)

Junie Moon

You certainly had a productive weekend, so many wonderful accomplishments. My daughter loves granola so I appreciate the info about this. I love the way you packaged yours.


Sounds like a great weekend. I need to make up a batch of homemade granola, haven't done that in awhile.The packaging on your little gifts is adorable.

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