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October 31, 2007



I too just had to upgrade to pro on Flickr. It's a pretty good racket they have. They give the free account, I get totally hooked and have no choice but to upgrade! Surely, Shutterfly never got me hooked!

Looking forward to my Moo cards coming.


The Moo cards rock!

Glad you like the cozy. If you ever want to give it a try here is the pattern I started with. Super easy!


Your moos are awesome! And I think the mounting of your pretty cards on cardstock is the financial ticket. Great suggestion Julie!
Craft blogging gets hard this time of year because you want to share, but can't spoil the holiday surprises. I hear you!

Cindy Hamlin

Why not go to the local frame shop and have some mats cut?


Your Moos look great. I've reached the Flickr limit too - perhaps I can get an upgrade for Christmas.

julie (jane's apron)

big run on the moo cards, try mounting your new notecards on a pretty piece of scrapbook paper sized to fit you frame, and, with my newly found crochet skills, I am SO making that coffee cozy.

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