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November 19, 2007



These rock!!


you are the best stitcher! and I agree about not buying off the register, a personal gift will be treasured and're a great aunt!


I can't believe how thoughtful and perfect these are! Nice Colleen!


A wonderful gift - so personal. Clever girl!


If Bubba saw these, he'd ditch his cowboy pillowcases that he BEGGED for and start begging for these.

Really, really cool gift.


These turned out great! What a really fun and personal shower gift.

Always trust your first judgement. It's so easy to second guess. I do it all the time but its best to stay focused and follow-through. Humm..that sounds like a tennis reference but works either way.


These are fantastic! I LOVE Futurama! What a sweet and thoughtful gift. I may have to attempt some Futurama-related stitchery ... ;o)

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