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December 17, 2007



Those look great! I'm wearing my pj pants now, and was just thinking it's a little chilly. Flannel would have been a good idea!


Very cute! I keep meaning to make a pair of these. (missed it during it's in stitches along month, too)
Instead, I'll be making 3 pairs of similar pants, but for my boys. Maybe I can sneak in a new pair for myself?
I love the fabrics you chose. And from what I recall, it was just the legs that people found enormous.


You did such a nice job! Aren't those pants great? I really love that pattern. It did, however, also make me wish for a serger.
Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!


Those came out so great! They look all normal and not super way big! This is a miracle?


Either way - I love the twill tape idea - perhaps an idea for a time when I've forgotten about the disaster my pj pants became.

That pink reindeer (deer? moose?) fabric is really cute.

Nicely done!

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