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January 21, 2008



I wish you and your mum all the very best. Keep the good spirits up and we'll hear from you when you're ready! xx


Hi there
I have just looked at your blog for the first time and love it.
I love the postings, they are real and true to life...
I miss my folks so much, moved from cape town to ireland (the difference is incomparable) and haven't seen my ma for 4 years, a big void in my heart.
I wish you and your folks all the best, keep your chin up and I hope to read your posts again soon.
take care


Holly and I are sitting here looking at etsy and our favorite blogs.. Please let us know if you need anything. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

jemima bean

You'll be in my thoughts. I will miss your lovely posts.


I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this stuff. My thoughts are with you and your parents. I look forward to checking in with you whenever you can return.


Your attitude is incredible, and a good reminder to find the silver lining. That said, take all the time you need. We'll be here when you want to come back, rooting you on. In the meantime, you and your mama are in my prayers.


You have a great attitude. Sending you lots of positive thoughts. Looking forward to your return.


I wish you, your mother, and your family all the best as you get through this challenging time.


That is never easy to have to take care of a parent. Someone that we always looked up to for strength. I lost both of my parents when I wa younger and can apprecaite what you are feeling.

Stroke patients do get better and they may not get a lot of the faculties back, but they compensate with others.

I will keep your Mom in my thoughts and prayers!


So sorry to hear about your Mother. Good on you for keeping positive and sending thoughts and good wishes your way.


Sending you all kinds of positive thoughts right now...I don't think you can read here are a few thought bubbles. I hope your Mom gets all the care she needs right now. You are handling it all incredibly well and I'm here if you need someone to lean on...

Yvonne Fjellvang

Sorry to hear you will not be blogging for a while, but glad to hear that you seem to have your priorities right. Take good care of yourself.
Good thoughts,


You and your mother are in my thoughts. I hope she is able to further improve. If you are able, keep us posted on her.

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