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February 20, 2008



Oh Colleen, leave it to you to make mourning look stylish and creative. You are so inspiring, my friend. Your family remains in my prayers and I am tickled you passed along your coupon in CAOK style.


I am so sorry that you lost your mom. I love the picture that you posted of the two of you walking along the beach.

Cute fabric for your new pants. I am really wanting to sew something or do something creative.


Love the stamp - is that an Irish blessing? also love the flannel, the local fabric store doesn't have a very good selection of flannel but I'm headed to Seattle in a couple of weeks and maybe I can find some on sale!


I just found your blog and have enjoyed looking at your beautiful work (Futurama embroidery = fantastic). And then I saw that you just lost your mother. I'm so sorry. My mother died too young almost exactly a year ago. It's so, so hard, but your attitude is so wonderful and will help you. All the best.


I love my lounge pants too. Mine are cotton though, so less cosy for winter. Perhaps I should give flannel a go.


Great stamps and cute fabric! I may have to try making those lounge pants sometime. Although, I still have the kimono robe to complete.

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