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March 26, 2008



Good for you! That is great. You are motivating me to give up my DC habit. It isn't pretty these days.


Good luck with your goal. I hate soda, always have. I don't know what it is about the taste that reminds me of poison. LoL! I have a different addiction... sweets! I have to control my portion sizes!


I have been trying to kick the diet Coke habit. I think I have gotten down to restaurants only. As long as I have enough water around, I can mostly avoid the vending machine. The fact that they switched to Pepsi helps too.


I had the same Coke Classic addiction (and I'm with you on the fountain...) until I had to stop buying it because my little ones were becoming addicted as well. My replacement to Coke was morning coffee with vanilla creamer, and I love the cherry pomegranate Crystal Light - perhaps we're the same person?

Best of luck to you!


good luck. I toss around the idea myself. I am a coca cola addict and yes fountain is my favorite and in the morning, but definitly after a night of drinking or when I have a headache..
Dont even get me started on the alternative..pepsi.
Iced Tea is my alternative.


It is sooo hard. I'm a diet pepsi fan and my new year's resolution was to quit. Well, I've not bought any for the fridge, but I haven't quit it. I just don't have it everyday. It's a start I guess. Good luck!!


Good luck with your soda swear-off! The husband was a die hard Coke Classic guy until a few years ago when he switched to diet only. That switch has been easy, but he's yet to make it to the no-soda part or even the once in a while soda part.

What if you mixed Crystal Light with sparkling water so you could still have the fizz? That's the only thing about soda I like, so I just drink plain fizzy water or add some fruit juice.

Either way - enjoy! You're doing a good thing for your innards.


hi - when i was a kid in thailand we used to get juice concentrate and mix it serving by serving with soda water. it's still got some calories, but not more than juice, and none of the crazy preservatives in most sodas or crystal light. it's not QUITE as flavorful as coke (obv) but pretty satisfying on a hot summer day. anyway, good luck!

old school acres

I'm trying to gear up for quitting as well. My vice is Dr. Pepper. I need to do it...but I don't want to.


good luck! kicking soda is hard, but it really counts (imo...) i kicked my soda habbit a few years back and now water is typically my drink of choice. unless i'm visiting my mom, then its all about soda! i need energy to deal with that woman!

while watching nogin or PBSkids or some other toddler channel of choice in the mornings they have a commercial that tells us viewers that it takes 23 (or was it 21...) days to kick a bad habbit and replace it with a good habbit. apparently those days have to be all in a row though! (grr) so i'm trying to do 200+ situps a day while watching toddler tv instead of sitting on the couch like a lump. i'm on day 3...

again, GOOD LUCK!!!

Lauren Z

You are lucky that you have a "inner athlete". :)

All I have is a inner "couch potato", and her cousin "even more lazy couch pototo who has bad allergies and cannot go outside half of the year"

And the Inner "oooohhh! look! Craft supplies are onsale- lets lock ourself in the craft room for days at a time" artist...... I try to keep all 3 of them at bay, but they still work thuier way out at times :)

Drinking fizzy water helped my boyfriend give up most soda. Arrowhead has fizzy water with lime, mandrian orange, lemon and berry. They are pretty tasty and give you a good "fizz" even when they have been opened and re-refridgatated. :)


I've been trying to get over my diet coke addiction. I love to have some LaCroix sparkling water when I am craving the fizz. (it's good with a splash of juice in it too)

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