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April 09, 2008



I just got this pattern, and i love yours. I think it looks great on you! now i can't wait to make mine!

jemima bean

Colleen, this is the CUTEST top!! I have this pattern on my sewing table staring at me. Haven't started yet, for the same reasons you're not sure you will wear yours. It's not going to be as flattering on me as other styles...but how many patterns are out there for tops that I can use up my ginormous stash of cute quilting cottons?? Not many.

As for tips or tricks, I try new patterns all the time and if they don't work, they don't work. I figure it's using up stash and I can buy more fabric! But it is sitll disheartening when you really want something to work out and it doesn't. I had a pattern mishap recently too. (Favorite Things Hip Skirt I finished last week.)

I did hang the skirt up and wear it around the house a little...its just not what I thought it was going to be. I'm not happy with it and I know I won't wear it. I will probably salvage the fabric from that skirt for something else for my daughter, so its not a waste of $30+ in fabric alone. Bah.


Thanks for the thoughts on the pattern - I have it, but I also have a bad case of but-will-it-suit-me cold feet. I've had issues with the bust:hip ratio of an AB pattern before, so I'm a little nervous.


I really like it, the fabric choice is great!


I really like it, and the fabric choice is great!


First, that fabric is so perfect for spring! Next, your sewing is just so good Colleen. I don't know how your buttons are all lined up like that, professionally. I swear mine barely fit. And third! You customized this pattern. You rock! And you look great in it. Bravo all the way around!


Girl, you look great in it and you did a great job--no worries! :-)

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