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April 02, 2008



I have been a 7-8 can and sometimes bottle of Diet Coke drinker a DAY for nearly 10 years. My health over the last two years has not been good. Extreme headaches and migraines, joint pain, jitterness, fatigue and overall just feeling like crud. People can say that sugars, arificial sweetners, caffeine and other ingredients are not addicting or bad for you, but when your body tells you something, it's time to list. I have shared my whole story on my blog, and how I broke that addiction in 5 days with no withdrawal symptoms at all.


Good luck with your soda detox plan : ) I *think* I'll join in ... but since I have already had a couple today I might just do a limited intake instead of cold turkey.

I'm just wondering what will inspire me to get out of bed in the morning if I don't have a Diet Coke calling my name!


i gave up soda for Lent

it was supposed to be a sacrifice, but at first i really did not think it would be...

however, being human means that eventually i was tempted, and twice i gave in

jemima bean

The logo is cute enough to convince me to try! I've had this in the back of my mind for months anyway!


Yep, and I'm feeling better already! Thanks again for the great inspiration!

joan debolt

You bet I am in and I already had started on my own. Been several weeks now and counting


Love the logo! I'm in!


May I suggest one more time the glory of sparkling water? I haven't been a soda drinker for years since I realized that what I like about soda is the fizziness, not the taste.

I get the big bottles at Trader Joe's for less than $1 each and add anything from nothing at all to lemon wedges to Crystal Light to tea bags to fruit juice - always so good and very little sugar or Evil.

Good luck this month! You can do it!


I'll join up, too! It's sad when the only people your toddler will smile at are relatives, close friends, and the 7-11 ladies!


I'm in!! I've been TRYING to limit myself to only having pop when we are eating out. I'm trying to drink more water (i always struggle with this) and will probably keep some LaCroix carbonated water on hand for when I'm really craving the fizz. A support group is a great idea!!


Good for you! Now we only have soda with pizza. We make sure we have water or iced tea with meals. I have even gotten so far that my daughter and son - ages 10 and 6 now drink iced tea. We used to have a ton of soda cans and 2 litres to recycle, but not any more! Just a lot of tea bags!

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