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April 10, 2008



A great wrap skirt pattern. Also there is a picture on Creative Kismet of one she made from this pattern - it is double sided - so 2 skirts in one.


Great idea to make a card. I always think I will just remember! LOL


I love your sewing pattern list it OK if I link to you in my "things to try" list?


Great post (and I'm not biased just because you mention two flickr groups that I admin!). I often find inspiration on flickr and then go and see what the actual pattern looks like...because they can be so different.


Wow! Thanks for all the great links and especially for that adorable card. I'm always jotting pattern numbers down on scraps of paper, so I'll love having this adorable card. Clothing construction has always been my #1 favorite "crafty" thing to do!


Congrats on a really cute top!! I finished the Amy Butler Lotus top the same day you finished the Anna tunic. . .do,doo,do,doo (hum to the Twilight Zone tune). . .and I'm in St. Louis. Looking forward to following your blog.


Hi there! I just found your blog through your Anna Tunic! Anyway, this is a great post, I'm trying to get into sewing clothes too, right now I'm working on a super simple elastic waist skirt and a built by wendy top. Good luck with your projects, I look forward to seeing them!

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