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July 07, 2008



Oh wow -- I'm actually sitting back at the computer because I'm so overwhelmed by clutter, I just keep drifting around aimlessly. Avoiding the clutter, don't ya know. I could definitely use an Unclutter July!


I can't wait to grab your Unclutter July button for Cabin Life. . .I'm a chronic unclutterer and will happily spread the good news!


Great post! I've been working on this, but with kids it's hard. My daughter is pretty much on-board, but not my son. He's only 7 and he still likes his stuff. We've been working on the clothing portion and have really whittled things down - I sold off almost all of my jewelry but a few pieces, tossed all shoes I don't use and got rid of ALL the clothing I don't wear or like. It really feels good to live a bit "lighter." Please keep us updated on how you're doing.



Need to work on the clutter issue, BIG TIME!


Oh, I so relate to this post. We are doing a bit of decluttering here as well. The hardest part for me is holding on to something in the name of finding a use for it (repurposing it). I mean how long do you wait until you decide just to send it to the recycle bin? I have to work on this.

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