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August 06, 2008



Wow, that is some list! Quite an accomplishment. I know what you mean about getting overwhelmed, though. When we had our garage sale last month, I cleared out what seemed like a ton of stuff and gave away even more. You would never know it. Still, I'm chipping away bit by bit. I'm setting an autumn deadline.


Well, it seems to me you got a ton accomplished. It is funny, I think we are similar in that when we are decluttering our mind (as in, eating healthier, tackling demons, resolving emotional stuff) it is easier to get organized in our environment too.
For me it is an all or nothing game.
My big goal is to not buy new crafting supplies or clothing. I need to use what I have.


You've made TONS of progress - congrats! And I totally know what you mean about the smelly lotions :-)

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