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October 01, 2008



Three cheers for your dad's continued recovery and for a pain-free back! He's lucky to have you, and it's nice that you're really getting the most out of this special time together (even the early commute).


Oooh, there are tons of excellent crock pot recipes here:
She's posting a new recipe for every day in 2008, so there are tons there, and a new one every day. My favourite is the creme brulee. Mmm! Happy crockpotting!


So glad to hear that your Pops is doing much better! Sounds like you're taking really good care of him.

Seeing the recipe cards reminds me of the notebooks we saw at a craft fair last year. The crafter had taken the old recipe cards and turned them into notebook covers. Clever idea!


You're cracking me up. I have all three of those recipe "books". Well, I think I still have the recipe cards, although I may have thrown them all out in a cleaning binge -- saving my favorites of course -- just can't remember. Gosh, just like your mom. Does that make me vintage???


I just posted a crock-pot recipe this morning (it's a dessert...but, still). Must be the cooler air around here that has me thinking about warm recipes.

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