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November 17, 2008



I'm with you--keep your pantry stocked with staples--buy them when they are on sale (mayo, pasta, canned beans, etc) and use 'em up to stretch your budget. I love to do that too. I have been challenging myself that same way, and frankly I had the same thought: "why is EVERYTHING at the store 4-1/2 dollars?!"


This glimpse of your home is so peaceful! Love it.


I will pay you to do my pantry. No, really.
The challenge would be making sure husband kept it organized. Ugh.
As for holiday baking--you helped me out last year, so if I go out and get basics I will
pick up extra.
And really use the bulk bins. Whole Foods are pretty much all organic but are very affordable--brown rice, oats, lentils, even granola, nuts, and dried fruit.
Buy the big yogurt and portion it out into containers to take to work. Less trash, too!

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