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December 31, 2008



I love this idea!


I'm in too~thanks for the badge to post.


I love frugal and fabulous!

I drank the Dave Ramsey kool-aid a couple years ago and have been "ab-normal" ever since! lol.

All the crafts on my blog are frugal. Not so sure about fabulous ... but they ARE frugal!


Fantastic theme for the new year. I will be joining you in some form or fashion - I'm still deciding on my exact "theme" for the new year.


Heck yes! Count me in. Love this! And I am a major list maker too.


Me me me!! I really like the kind of creative push and pull that comes along with being "frugal yet fabulous". Now to figure out how to go about it...must start another list....


Another post where I find myself nodding along with what you have written :-) I'm definitely joining your Frugal Yet Fabulous mission! Happy New Year!!

LeeAnn H.

I am so glad frugal is now fabulous! For the first time I am with the 'in' crowd. At least in the crafting online community. :)


Well. I'm going to have to join you, at least in some ways:)

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