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December 23, 2008



You're right, your sister gave you an amazing gift. The thought of her thinking of you all year long is just the best. :) You're loved.


Great gift from your sister. She really was thinking about you all year long. I'll bet you'll come up with some cool uses for some of those things.

Enjoy Christmas with your dad.


Wow! What a great gift -- and a very thoughtful one as well!!! Merry Christmas :-)


Wow! Looks like you hit the Mother load! That was really sweet of your sister. Vintage notions are so much fun!

Have a great Christmas!


That is such thoughtful gift! My family always seems to be giving me yarn and sewing notions they pick up and then apologize because they arent sure I will use it. I am always so thankful for those gifts because you put it best you know they are thinking about you all year round and that type of gift is better then anything they actually pick up!

Queen of Fifty Cents

Wow, what a fabbo gift! Love the idea of a collage with the packaging. Maybe some of it could be used for an art piece to give to the sister who gave you this gift? Lots of possibilities with those button forms waiting to be covered!


Oh sweet heaven, that might be the best gift ever. I am so glad it all went well. And I think it is safe to say they not only get you, but love you for YOU!

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