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December 05, 2008



I think this is such a great idea! I started thinking about seriously saving money when rumors of layoffs started floating around at work. I don't have to worry about them right now, but it does make you think. Plus, someday I want a house, so no time like the present to save, right? I was able to knock off some money on my grocery bill by comparing prices and buying the store brand, I'm going to have to cut some coupons this afternoon - keep up the great work!!


I think this idea is great! We are saving up to buy a house and we are finally at the point in our lives that we are ready to grow up and save. It is too bad that it took the economy to turn upside for us to realize how bad it can get. I also this past summer gave up thifting which was so hard at first but I realized I was spending $10-$20 at a time and that adds up when you are going more then once a week. 6 months later I still miss it but doesnt consume my life like it use to!


I think it's great. For most employed people (i.e. those not living off of stocks/retirement investments/bank loans/etc., and probably also excluding people that provide luxury goods like restaurant meals that people don't buy if they're not feeling extravagant), paycheck hasn't changed, and there's actually *more* money immediately available (gas is half-price, milk's cheaper than it was, at least in Texas, etc.). But, we're all thinking about how our amount of available funds *could* change for the worse, and how perhaps going into debt isn't such a good idea (as the government probably won't give *us* money, and it's giving away a lot of money it'll have to get from taxpayers at some point...), so we're all thinking about things and spending as wisely as our mothers originally taught us to do. I've managed to get Himself to at least cut back on his buy-everything-that-strikes-his-fancy ways (which is how *his* indulgent parents *did* bring him up), and, since we are both as employed as before, we're now actually saving money, and my Scottish soul is therefore much less anxious. Sounds like an improvement to me!

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