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January 19, 2009



Oh, I almost forgot! I do spend a lot of time on Etsy getting inspired to make things - there's so much that doesn't involve sewing. Or mixed media collage. That's something else I wish I could do. The closest I ever got was gluing google eyes onto a paper pieced owl. lol.


Oh, sister, I hear ya! I hate that I can't sew. I see these cute projects that I would love to do, but I just flat out cannot sew. And I can tell myself all day that I am not lacking in talent: I'm an engineer, I make lovely scrapbooks, I can crochet, and I do various other crafty type things, even including embroidery. But the fact that I can't sew just seems to overshadow all of that! I wish I knew what to tell you. If I think of something brilliant, I'll let you know.


Oh trust me. I completely feel your pain. Some days I think I should knit. Some days I think I should learn to sew. Many days I feel like I shouldn't be making anything because nothing turns out. (Can you tell this has been on my mind lately?) It's really depressing, but just remember it's supposed to be fun. And you have at least one person in the same boat as you :)


Yep, I get it... I think the good way to get over it is to do something you know will turn out! And come on...the logo is great!

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