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January 27, 2009


Debbie C

I love the apples on the roll - too cute!

My crafty to do list keeps getting longer right now the top there are to: finish the leg warmers I'm knitting for my daughter, sew a blanket for my friend's baby and sew a doll for my daughter. Now, if only I could stop time for a bit


Woohoo! I'm so excited! Thank you so much!

I love that pattern too. How come I never find cute towels like that?

I've been sick this week and seeing this really lifted my spirits.

Thank you. :)


I've been crocheting hats for Head Huggers - an organization that donates hats to hospitals to be given to people going through chemo - and this hook roll would be a great way to organize myself!

Here's my list ...
1) finally finish the curtains for my living room
2) finish piecing a baby quilt
3) use up more of my yarn supply for Head Huggers


It's so cute!
Crafty to do:
1.Work on scrapbook from Disney 08 trip.
2. Sew leather bottoms on last 2 pairs of Christmas slippers
3. Finish nephew's cross stitch baby sampler before he's three!


Well the top 3 things on my Crafty To Do List are
a) Finally begin my 6-year-old daughter's baby book (just a titch behind on that one)
b) Begin my husband's very late Father's Day (2008) gift - a scrapbooked sort of picture frame - embellished ... very cute.
c) Begin re-doing my guest bedroom/office/scrap space into a delicious cozy craft room!
By the way - love your site! You're inspiring.


This is so cute!!!!

Top 3 Projects: Finish organizing my craft room, make a magnetic chalkboard for my kitchen, and make a huge corkboard for my craftroom.

Aphra Bolyer

oops...forgot my top three crafty things...the title and january pages for my project 12 scrapbook album for 2009...a butterfly wall frame using scraps of patterned paper...a crocheted scarf for my best friend!

Aphra Bolyer

Wowee...i love the fabric (colors and print) and the idea of rolling up all the hooks to keep them safe. Awesome idea!!!


Love it. Nicely done!


My three things:
1) Finish the neck warmer I am making (I only need to sew on three buttons, but I am wanting the PERFECT buttons).
2) Make a smaller version of the neck warmer for my daughters.
3) Make a cowl for my grandmother while she can still use it (i.e. it is still cold outside).

and can I throw a 4th one in here? FIND out HOW you made this ADORABLE thing out of a towel?!?! ;)


so cute!

My top 3:
1. Finish quilt for John
2. Finish up my wristlet pattern
3. get my fabric sent out for the quilting bee!


This is so cute! Funnily enough, one of the top items on my "to-craft" list is a crochet hook roll! I also need to make myself a knitting needle roll, and I'd like to get started on a dress that I chose the pattern and fabric for back in October, but I've not yet started on (Christmas crafting got in the way!).

Thanks for the chance to win - the roll is fantastic!


Top 3: Finish my February Lady sweater which is my first sweater, Make kitty blanket-my first crochet project, do some printmaking with my zipemate.


This is perfect for me! I just started to learn to crochet so I have a slew of hooks with no home yet!

Here is my Crafty top 3: Learn to Crochet, learn to digital scrapbook, learn about collages using beeswax. Oh and I will throw in a 4th, learn to solder.


Oh that's a cute roll! Top 3 projects: piecing the top for what will be a 100x100 quilt for my bed, 3 baby girl quilts to be pieced & quilted, and a wallhanging for my husband's office. *ugh* That's a lot...we'll see how long it takes me! Plus, figuring out my fabrics & quantities for Pieced Together! :)

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