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March 17, 2009


Carole Brown

I also am sad about Country Home. I admit I have always had a subscription, but did get it from the start. Another magazine I really enjoyed was Backyard Living which also is no more. The are sending Bird and Blooms in place of. I do not care for this magazine nearly as much ad Backyard Living, but with only 4 issues left----


I am so bummed- all my favorite magazines are closing their doors! I have subscribed to Country Home and Cottage Living since they started and I love Home Companion and have years worth saved. Family Circle is a horrible replacement for Country Home! I used to take Victoria years ago and then they stopped coming too- I see they are back again, but will they end up the same again? So bummed- I look forward to my magazines. Good thing I have years worth to keep looking through- think I am getting alzheimers because some of them I have completely forgotten. haha!


Some of those, I had just renewed so I was bummed out when they closed up shop. Most often if they send a replacement - it's just not what I would've picked. My mailbox too is looking really sad these days. I still receive Country Living and enjoy that one but my renewel is coming up and I wonder... will they continue to publish their magazine??


I was SO sad about Cottage Living - I looked forward to it and how it gave me "permission" to sit at my bistro table, sip my coffe and RELAX.
"They've" been sending me Sunset Magazine as a substitute and I must say it's not the Sunset of my mother's era. It's a lot like cottage living - similar layouts and articles.


Sandra Lee has a new Semi-Homemade magazine. It debuted in February. I liked it so much that I got me a subscription. :)


I still get Martha Stewart Living... usually the decorating doesn't do much for me, but the "projects" sections (like, build your own build-in breakfast nook) have tons of good ideas. I like the color combos, too.


i like the canadian mag - style at home. for lack of much else out there, i just renewed my sub to better homes and gardens - 12 for 2 years...

longtime reader of your blog btw :)


I also am a magazine-aholic, I would recommend trying Country Living, Romantic Homes, and Victoria as possible substitutes, I LOVE those, and have been reading Country Living for years and years now - I get sad too when they cancel some magazines, they did that to Victoria a few years ago, but luckily it came back! :) - Also, I keep a notebook with cutouts of decorating ideas, recipes, gardening tips, etc. from magazines

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