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April 21, 2009



This looks great. I love how you left the door open!


Wow! That looks fantastic! I love the door on your pantry.

It feels so good to organize and clean. Spring brings that out in us!


holy crap! what a difference, C!! This looks so, so good.


Isn't Penzey's fantastic? I love your pantry manke-over. I sort of cheated because I really keep pantry stuff in 3 different places, and only reorganized 1. I still can't figure out the best way to keep my spices organized.


Penzeys is the devil! ;)


i had a pantry in my first apartment. Oh how i miss a pantry...


That looks awesome! Wanna come do mine?

Junie Moon

It looks great. I just finished doing my own pantry organizing. This month's project was really a very helpful activity.

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