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April 21, 2009



dammit. how did I miss this contest?!!!
congrats on your post, my friend. :)


I'm following the Sew Mama Sew sewing room spring cleaning list-- definitely need it! Thanks for being so generous!

The Antidote

We are having a tidy of the children's bookshelves this weekend. I have a feeling some of their old books may be packed carefully away and labelled this weekend and the next time they see light will be for my grandchildren - what a thought!


Must clean the sewing desk, now that my stash is organized.


The spring cleaning list is so long and a bit depressing! But today is a lovely day, at last, and I am working outside in the flower beds with the warmth of the sun on my back . . . so life is good!

Love your blog! Congrats on 301!


After 7 years, I have finally gotten dh to agree to let me help him clean out his home office! woohoo! Also need to clean out flower beds, wash windows, a few other odds & ends. The whole barn got cleaned out last weekend, that was a huge job!!


Congratulations on your 300th post! :)

I cleaned out the porch last week and next came my clothes closet. I have no problem parting with winter clothes on a warm Spring day!

This week there's been garden and yard cleanup. I'm hoping to get to the windows in the next month which are my least favorite thing to do.


Yes, my pantry needs cleaned, actually it needs a complete makeover, but I'm so unmotivated. Spring cleaning---this coming weekend---probably the windows.


I've been planning to have a garage sale for the past 3 years... this year it will happen! Since the 'to sell' pile has grown too big to ignore!


Hmmm, I'd have to start my spring cleaning with my sewing room/office. It's so bad that I've just moved to the dining room to craft and now that's a mess.


Easter weekend I did the top priority spring cleaning - my storage locker, my take away containers slash tupperware and my pantry. It felt great. On the maybe to-do list is my closet (ugh) and my dining room cabinets - used to hold vases and spare dishes on display and anything (propane tanks for the mini bbq on the balcony, spare pots and pans, planting tools, candles) in closed cupboards below.


Congrats on the 300!

Let's see, I cleaned and organized my craft supplies. I did my pantry, but then I stopped short of my walk in closet which is really the pits. Maybe in May.


Spring cleaning, eh? Well, I generally try to avoid all things cleaning, but I do need to get the leaves out of my flowerbeds and add some new mulch.

katie r

thank you for all your inspiration. we are moving and currently living with my inlaws I want to organize so bad its killing me.. but most is in crazy boxes (we packed in a hurry). I did sort my recent scraps by color last night though!


My spring cleaning list includes my sewing room and the basement. Yikes.
thanks for the giveaway and congrats on your 301st post.


we splurged this year and had someone come in and do the spring cleaning for us. Since I'm working full-time and my husband is a full-time student, things just weren't going to get done - it was wondeful! They cleaned things I never would have even thought of. And it definitely left more time for quilting! Thanks for your great blog...


What is NOT on my list? Lol. I'm working in my craft room right now.. I can't create when this room is a mess, so that's Priority #1 :)


My spring cleaning is already done - cleaning up my fabric stash ( plus we did a deep clean of our apt before my SIL came to visit - including windows!

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