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April 20, 2009



I don't see that she lifted your design. Shoot, there are hundreds of Etsy headers with those vintage dress patterns. Hundreds more sell them as greeting cards.

And do a search for "free downloadable fonts" and a million typewriter fonts come up.

I have more of an engineer's eye than an artist's eye, so maybe that's why, but it just doesn't look lifted to me.

I'm not worried about anyone stealing mine because even though I meant for it to be "My Random Life" in Espanol, I think I mis-translated and it might just be jibberish. lol.


If you really want to identify yourself with NQV, then you should perhaps take the steps to protect the name and register for a trademark with USPTO. There are some bloggers who do that, for example Coquette. Otherwise, the lady on etsy technically didn't do anything wrong, even though it does look very inspired (but how would you know if she did copy you or not?)


Well, I would say, "no worries" but a lot of bloggers are getting books published of their ideas. You have some 1,000 readers. That's a lot! If you wanted to do more with the blog, it would be helpful to have your brand protected. I have a friend who checks prospective TV show names for legality, copyright etc... they go through several names before they get one with no strings attached.


It may just be a coincidence. I thought Under a Red Roof was pretty clever since it describes my living situation, but once I chose it, I found Under THE Red Roof during a search for my blog. Doh! Luckily my content varies greatly from hers.


Very similar, indeed, same font style even. I've run into a bunch of "sewchic" variations (and indentical) ever since starting my blog a long time ago. Recently found a brick and mortar store of the same name in another state.


Well if it's any consolation, I like your masthead better!! :)


i would quickly register an etsy shop with that name if i were you. I checked and it has not been taken yet. the etsy user who is using your NQV name recently, meaning just last month, changed her name and image to NQV. i also feel the aggravation!!!


I think it looks a bit similar as well. I would be irritated as well, but is there anything you can do about it? I guess just set yourself apart is the best solution. I have been trying to think of an unusual name for my blog, but someone could just copy it as well- sort of sucks! I think the trick is that you are what people will be drawn to, what they will like- others can copy your name or feel of your banner, but they can't be you.


That is very similar! I often think about this "problem." When I first started blogging, I chose See Katie Sew, but when I went to comment on other people's blogs, I saw that there were a lot of other Katies, so I chose to use Katie Jean as my "comment name". Then, for some reason, I opened my etsy shop as katiejean and my flickr name is katiejeanbags, so is my e-mail. Well then a while ago I was going through flickr and noticed another katiejean, who is also on etsy as katiejean(something). I haven't done anything about it though because I don't have a claim to the name except on etsy. Anyway, I guess that wasn't really any help, except to say I feel you on the aggravation!

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