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May 21, 2009



I have been looking for those patio chairs forever! They always seem to be out of stock. Maybe I'll have to sneak by my local Lowe's to see if they have them. Thanks for the tip!


hey colleen,
i am moving back to the lou. if you see any great houses in your neighborhood, keep me posted.


ooooo! I love your patio chairs, I am a lover of motel chairs!! I like you always make grand plans for the weekend and looking back only accomplish some of them, but it's better to make grand plans and only do some then make no plans and do nothing ;>. My plans are to go on a picnic, hike, swim, bbq, go thrifting, and spend time with my family!


Sounds like an awesome weekend, but are you really going to get all that stuff done? Color me impressed. Happy Memorial Day!

Susan Moore

That chair sure brings back memories of my nonnie and my mom and the shore in Branford, CT.
I'm hoping for a day at the Cummington Sheep and Wool fair and a quick last sale day trip to Webs.
Other than that, the lake looks inviting, although I'm sure the water is cold. Guess I'll just sit on the dock and watch the dawg swim.

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