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May 07, 2009


temp jobs

i just can't imagine my self doing these stuffs. this is beautiful

Cailin Yates

You have a very nice sense of design. I really like the red one a lot and I should think there is enough 'log cabin' movement in the second to blend in nicely with the rest of the squares. very cool


Both are fab! Do you kow what fabric lines are in the first block?

Susan @ tickledpaisley

Those blocks are fantastic! I love both color combos! I'm a quilter wannabe - maybe one of these days.


Collen, these are just so gorgeous!!


I love both blocks, you're right - they are very summery. The triangles make me think of boat sails.


They both look great! I sometimes have the trouble managing my fabrics because I never have a plan. Most of the time I'll try to add some of my own fabrics if I can. Otherwise I just send the block a little smaller and hope the person on the receiving end can add to it.

btw, did you read that Jillian michaels book? How did you like it?


You know, if you have some extra, it'd make my life a lot easier! I was embarrassed because I'm finding myself a bit short for your block (and I know the direction I want to go!)


I haven't actually looked at your fabrics yet to see if I have enough for what I have planned... But I find myself not very good at fabric management either - I'm amazed by the folks who are able to squeak out 2 blocks when I barely get one done!

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