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June 02, 2009



hmmmm, it sounds like you haven't used it THAT much. I really have had trouble with this machine. Wonder your opinion now, a year later? Do you use it alot for a variety of projects? Mine has denim issues!!


I can sew but just barely, I really really want to take sewing lessons to learn to sew clothes. Did you ever take classes? was it through a cloth store, like jo-anns?


I love the story of your parents buying that sewing machine together. I have often thought of that post while at Joanne's watching their embroidery machines. I had been wanting an update on your machine so I am glad you did this post.


I need to do this! I've got my new machine at home in a box and have to get it out and answer some of these for myself. That is so great you have your dream machine!

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