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September 18, 2009



I'm in Albuquerque where they are getting ready for the International Balloon Fiesta. It's balloon wild around here, and I love it. The kids get so excited and I'm not sure the novelty will wear off. :)


HOw awesome is it that the pilots found you?! Love that!! Very cool.


Certainly worth being late to work for!

Michael Blum

Thank you for sharing your experience. I it was a great morning to fly and take photos! You did a wonderful job capturing the balloons!

Michael Blum, Beemster Balloon Pilot

Kevin Knapp

Reading and seeing how others capture and enjoy the magic of what we do makes flying hot air balloons that much more enjoyable for us as pilots. Thank you for sharing your morning!

Kevin Knapp, The Mayflower Balloon Pilot


Very cool! I love the look of the sky in the first photo.


What a great surprise! And I'm glad you took the extra couple minutes to enjoy it. :)

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