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October 09, 2009



Wow, after all this time thinking I was alone (and having some very angry people tell me I must be making it up as an excuse for not drinking their soy milk), I find there are is at least one other person out there with whom soy doesn't agree! (little bits of mainly-wheat-based Kikkoman soy sauce in Chinese food are fine; soy milk or soybean salads are not!)

I've been making these: and tossing in dried cranberries -- will add peanut butter next. They're very granola-bar-y. And very good.


Those look yummy. I never thought to make my own bars, what an a-ha moment!

I don't do soy either. It makes my tummy VERY unhappy.

Have a great weekend!


Your granola bars look quite tasty. I've never made any, but you may change my mind about trying to do so!


These look amazing!

note: the picture is missing the small glass of milk required as a part of the experience in enjoying these :-)


Mmmmm, that looks really good! I've never tried making my own granola or granola bars (I'm not very handy in the kitchen...); was it difficult?

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