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November 15, 2009


mrs. Doodle

oh how I love thee Macbook! I have one too but don't have that cover... well once I get caught up on my quilting bee blocks I might have to make one for myself:) Great job and congrats on your new love:)

The Girl from Mozambique

You do amazing work.


A. I am jealous. That computer is fabulous.
B. You are so clever! That cover is beautiful. Great fabric choice.
C. Brava! You saved and earned this!


Ooh, How I love the fabric, and that pink lining is the tops - a sweet and soft surprise!
As for names, I am rather partial to the Lumi idea.
I don't know how many times I've started saving and ended up with home repairs, Target purchases, and whatnot adding up before, too. I guess we can all be silly shoppers, can't we? But you made it - ENJOY!


Hooray! From one Mac user to another, congrats on the new addition.
(also, I love the cover!)


I love your new friend and her jazzy coat, just in time for the winter!

Suggestions for names, in no particular order:

1. Noel
2. Roxy
3. Minta
4. Fresco (italian for cool)
5. Progettare (italian for design)


I had an old-skool white iMac that we called Snowball. I like the Finnish snow name!


lumi... snow in Finnish
feels snowy to me!!! :)


How about Silvia? That's a fun name.

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