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January 26, 2010


the jump manual

Thanks for sharing, love it.


you blew this project out! Awesome. I love the box and tie too. Really nice craftsmanship!


This is a perfect gift, so thoughtful and it looks to be easy on the wallet?

Thanks for sharing, love it.



It's a great gift, Colleen! Makes me want one of those blankets for myself. :) Especially love the little eyes on the embroidered bugs, too.

Alli (One Pearl Button)

Adorable! My nephew is also a Jack.


Where to start?

That gift is adorable! I love it!

I also love the name Jack.

I also love the wrapping.

There is nothing about this that I'm not in love with! lol.

We saw the sun here in KC yesterday. It's cloudy again today. :( It's getting kind of depressing. lol.


adorable! one when you embroider on a onesie, do you put any sort of backing beneath it?

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