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February 11, 2010


the jump manual

love their Peppermint, Double Red Rooibos, and the Black Raspberry Green Tea.

Laura Neff - Life Leadership Coach

Hey Colleen! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the brand Republic of Tea. (And I wasn't a tea drinker at ALL until a few years ago.) The tea that finally got me to say goodbye to morning coffee was their Double Green Matcha (mmmm!). I also love their Peppermint, Double Red Rooibos, and the Black Raspberry Green Tea. Num num num! And although they don't have the awesome Yogi Tea bags (which I also love...the bags more than the tea, I think!), they have these cool round tea bags that are environmentally very friendly. :) Kick da cola!

Zoe, Conversation Pieces

Oh I love tea with quotes! I'm addicted (geniunely) to good earth's jasmine green tea... and the old packaging used to give you little words of wisdom but they repackaged it so it doesn't any more :(

Still good tasty tea though! Good luck with the dethroning of cola!!


It's been all tea, all the time around here; I can't stand being cold!!

Lately, I've been guzzling Tazo Green Ginger; Celestial Seasonings Decaf Sweet Coconut Thai (w/milk--yum!); Tazo Refresh; and Traditional Medicinals Ginger Aid.

And that's the short list....


I also love tea. I've really been into the Yogi Detox and Peach Detox, Green Tea w/mint. I've been experimenting with different honeys, peach for one and creamy honey from Trader Joe's. I got a container of Harney's Christmas blend, wonderful.

Alli (One Pearl Button)

I love tea - it's my treat every afternoon. The Republic of Tea varieties are delicious!


Beauty is most certainly in your spirit. Love the Fiesta ware too!


Aw shucks, thanks for the shout out, my friend.
Happy Friday to you!


Second vote for the Jasmine Tea. Big fan!


I really like the Stash teas. And guessing you don't have Peet's Coffee in your neck of the woods, but I dig their Jasmine Green tea - lemme know if you're interested, maybe some will find their way back to you with your PTQB block... :)

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